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    Contact Info

    30, Gym. Mystakidou St.
    Charilaou, Thessaloniki

    T: +30 2310 351 610
    F: +30 2310 471 187

    Operating Hours
    Monday – Friday
    09:00 – 17:30

    Frequenty Asked Questions

    Can I lease your Infokiosks, or do I have to buy them?

    You can only lease of Infokiosks. Three years is the minimum duration of the leasing. After this period you can renew the leasing annually. Leasing allows us to provide free technical support and substitute any faulty parts without charge.

    How often is the Tourist Guide Updated?

    Our Tourist Guide application is automatically updated on daily basis. There’s nothing you need to do, in order to get the latest information. The guide displays all hospitals and pharmacies that operate during the day, current flights’ status and latest world news. Regarding the tourist guide information, all info is updated several times during a year. In addition, tourist guide supports “false-info” reporting. This way you can notify us so that we can immediately update outdated on inaccurate information.

    What should I do in case of malfunction;

    In case of malfunction, you should immediately call the technical support hotline to report the issue. Our technicians, with a few questions will find out if the problem can be resolved remotely. If it cannot be solved, they will schedule a visit, to exam the equipment and eventually fix the problem. Just keep in mind, that technical support is always provided free of charge.

    How do I get my advertisement published?

    • Our Graphics Department informs you with an email, regarding the specifications of the files that it needs in order to prepare your advertisements.
    • After receiving the artwork, several demos are designed. You will receive some links in order to determine which one fits you best.
    • You can propose any changes, until the result is satisfactory.
    • By the time we have your approval for publishing the ads, our programmers update our network.
    • The display of the ads begins by the following day.

    How often can I update my campaigns;

    You can update your ads, as many times as you want, regarding that you notify us at least 48 hours before the preferred date of update.

    How can I be informed about the views of my ads?

    You just need to send an email with your request for an analytics report. Just make sure you include the period / terminal(s) that you are interested in.