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Digital Guide of Greece

Learn everything you need about the features of the application and the information that it provides. You ‘ll get an idea through a gallery of screenshots and videos.

City Viewer

Everything you need to know about City Viewer, the innovative Info Channel service, its features and the areas that it supports.


Everything you need to know, about how you can advertise your company through our Infokiosk Network.

Infokiosk Products

Everyhing you need to know about all our Infokiosk products, their features and specifications.

Infokiosk Network

Everything you need to know about the spots that form our network where you can advertise your company.

Latest News

Stay informed with our latest company news (announcements, partnerships, new network additions).

Why to choose us?

Support, Free of Charge

We make sure our equipment is on 24/7, providing free of charge support during our partnership.

Elegant Design

We provide a wide variety of Infokiosk products, that will certainly satisfy all your needs and will fit the aesthetics of your reception room.

Targeted Advertising

We provide an extensive network of highly visited spots, where you can advertise your products – services through targeted campaigns.

Top Qualty Videos

We provide exceptional video footage that covers several attractions of the most significant tourist destinations of Greece.

Easy Installation

We install our equipment within minutes, free of charge!

Direct Info

We provide direct and reliable information to tourists, guiding them with intuitive way for nearby attractions, hospitals, pharmacies and other useful information.

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